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I have not found this to be true (so far). Even with being a staunch anti MLM person, I don’t have a problem with affiliate programs. I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts are on affiliate programs in general.

Right now I am buying essential oils

From an mlm and they are so expensive, but I trust their quality. I am looking for essential oils and other natural cleaning products or cleaning methods that are high- quality, trustworthy, are not dilluted, adulterated, etc., and are hopefully reasonably priced. Regular chemical cleaners make me very sick. If you have any info about this in your files, please help me find it because you have a lot of records. Thanks

As PW has pointed out MANY pro mlmers come into this club asking the very question you asked

They are not seeking information or support only to disrupt us. If you are sincere then I apologize for being rude, if not then I don’t care what you think. If you referenced my follow up post, msg. #35547 on Jan. 8, you will see that while I know nothing about ytb I did find that it is run by a person who “made his millions” in primerica financial services. Please type primerica financial services AND fraud into any search engine and count all the pages of hits.

Now it has been 2 months since you asked us if we have any info regarding ytb. Why don’t you tell us what your experience has been with this company in those 2 months? Have they promised you millions while taking money from you? Have they asked for a list of your friends and acquaintences to get them invovled? Do you have to pay- to-play? Do they tell you how to act, what religion to follow, what your political affiliation should be, what friends and family to associate with?

Our combined stance in this club is that multi-level-marketing is a scam, a bottomless pit a person throws their hard earned money into.
My suggestion is to stay with your antiques dealing or a traditional business.

By the way, it’s pretty rude yourself to come into a club not identifying who you are and tell a member to move on because you don’t like the answer you get to your question. Please notice too that I was the only one to respond to your request. You are in our home not the other way around, please act accordingly.

Did you read the introductory letter that is sent out to everyone who joins this forum?

In that letter, it is strongly suggested that new members read three documents in our Files section:

* The Rules
* Flavour Of The Month
* PW’s Challenge

If you had read “Flavour Of The Month,” you would understand why you got the response you got. Everything that happens here happens for a reason.

People come into this forum frequently who claim to be seeking information, when they are really here to prospect or to defend their MLM business. If a new member does not introduce himself to the forum, then it becomes very difficult to assess a person’s motivations.

And when that new member posts a message (“Has anyone ever heard of…”) without such an introduction, it becomes obvious that he has not read the “Flavour Of The Month,” as per the recommendation.

When one does not follow suggested protocol, what should the rest of the members assume about him?

Speaking of post-MLM happiness

You’re enrolled in (and paid for) massage school, and you’re getting what you expected to get when you paid the tuition. Seems like the Party Lite student didn’t get what she was hoping to get there.

Ah, the beauty of getting what you paid for and not having other expectations. That’s part of post-MLM bliss.

I have been busy with massage school lately

so if anyone wondered, I’ve just been busy and loving it:) I can set my own hours and work out of my home with massage in the future.

Btw, the first day of massage school, we all introduced ourselves. The one girl sitting next to me told me directly and the rest of the class that she loved “her party lite” biz. Oh brother. I felt so awkward after that, that I called the school administrator about it and she said “Thanks for letting them know”. They have a no tolerance selling policy and the school. They get innundated with mlm’s selling massage oils, essential oils, lotions ect…

I think the school did their job by reinforcing that rule. I stayed annomynous when I spoke to the administrator about it. However a week or two later, that girl is still nervous and shy around me. She barely talks to me any more. I guess she figured it was me, because I was the one she focused on selling to first. No matter. I’m still smiling and happy in class. Everyone can see she doesn’t smile back to me.

Just thought I’d let people know that this happens in school now to, people being sold to. Hey we are students, do we look like we have money,lol.

Thanks for your support

Ahah, didn’t look at it that way,lol

Good point:) The party lite student is probably feeling a bit anxious by now and slightly embarrassed. She won’t sit at the same table with me during lunch either or with anyone else that sits with me,lol. My spa biz has already picked up just by going to massage school. So ad that to the post mlm bliss:)
Thanks for your support

I make my money the old fashioned way

I earn it. Plus you can take what you earn and put it in some good investments. The market’s down now (at least it was last evening, haven’t checked it today), so it’s a good time to buy.

Now that you all have experianced MLM and

all the down falls what do you do now for extra money? I have tried to make money online via the MLM to no avail, and am looking at other options online as I have NOT been brain washed by the MLM’s. I do however believe there is a way to make extra money online, I just need some direction and or advise.

I spent approx 3 yrs in YTB and my experience was a major disappointment

I went to the conventions, meetings, networked etc. I met some great people, but the leaders in this company were not leading with the integrity they spoke about in their meetings.

For example, the leaders of the Corp/Association Division must have dreaded the numerous phone calls we made about reps totally misrepresenting themselves with Corp/Assoc as our business partners… they tried to steal accounts we had a relationship with and already established. The leaders reply….oh you must be mistaken or you are the only ones experiencing that bcz no one else is complaining. Come to find out numerous times (at one convention) we were NOT the only ones experiencing people stealing accounts or misrepresenting themselves as our business partners. We confronted the leaders then and once again they denied it….this time we called their bluff in a bold face lie.

After 3 yrs in the business, the only people making money are the recruiters! Unless you love to recruit, SAVE YOURSELF THE MONEY get quick cash loans and STAY OUT OF THE BUSINESS!