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all I can say is that if you want to be fooled by snake oil merchants, you’re going to be fooled by snake oil merchants.

It’s your life and your money.

Since you don’t trust “traditional doctors” you’re going to leave yourself open to anybody who can give you some modicum of relief, irrespective of how damaging that relief is.

And how will you know it’s damaging…you won’t because you have closed yourself off from science by swallowing the lie sold by the snake-oil merchants, MLMers and woomeisters that doctors and “Big pHarma” is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

So, good luck with your energy meridians and parting with your cash for this brand of woo.

When you finally run out of money and they cast your off, science will still be there to help you.

I don’t trust the traditional doctors at all–

even less than the natural people. The traditional ones are the reason I am very sick — been taking anti-seizure med. since I was 10. The short and long term side effects have been horrible. I have asked several of them about the sickness that I have and they’ve all said that they don’t know or tell me that it’s all in my head. Some of the natural people say its fibromyalgia/chonic fatigue syndrome or some other similar label.
It’s not that either. I’ve been thinking it is more than one thing because when you have something like this long enough, more things follow. I am so tired and in so much pain that I haven’t able to use my college degree in illustration and grapics and have been doing temp jobs instead. That’s how mad I am at traditional docs and especially the pharmacuticals that push the drugs — “ask your doctor” to give you this drug, the commercials say….they make it look like you’ll be in absolute bliss. Ya, whatever. I refuse to take any more drugs — especially on a long term basis — they’ll just make you more sick and kill you faster. This long research about natural medicine is not a hobby. I’m just trying to find some relief, make a decent living(thus the intrest in possibly doing an MLM) and get my life back. If I break a bone or something like that, then I’ll go to the trad. doc. Other than that — no way. I beleive that natural remedies are safe if you educate yourself about them and use them wisely, otherwise, they’ll make you sick too.
Recently, I finally found a bioenergetic practitioner and they scanned the energy meridians of my body. One of the things it said was that I’m not a true epileptic and that the seizures were induced by vaccinations. It also said that the pain is bacteria in my connective tissues. So I don’t know if they’re right yet, but I’m giving it a try.