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I’ve got to agree with this one

I will always trust my doctor over a snake oil salesman. Funny story, sorta related. My old doctor was at least honest. I was taking Nexium for acid reflux. It was brand new. The general practice was to be on it for a few months, then step down to a lesser drug. Well, for me, when I stepped down to the lesser drug, all of my symptoms came back. I asked if I needed to stop taking it, because it helped. He said that the drug was too new and they really didn’t KNOW yet if there were any long term issues with continued use. So we talked and he kind of left it up to me. I took it for two YEARS before being able to stop. I had no problems. Yippee! But now another two years or so later and i have to get back on it.

My point is that, my doctor was honest about what he knew and what he didn’t know. And the use was based on an individualized situation and discussion. With specific knowledge of my health and plenty of tests to be sure I didn’t have other problems besides acid reflux.

I am sure there is an MLM salesman who would be willing to bet that all my problems would be solved if I took their miracle supplement. If it was such a miracle, I am sure my doc would have heard about it.

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