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Curiously it is those reasons

you express below that MLMs would _like_ you to believe about Quackwatch. It’s about decrediting the experts so that they can peddle their claims and have victims I mean “customers” unaware, or rather, ignoring any negative information to counter the claims of the MLM.

What I suggest is that in the future that you look at “traditional doctors and the drug business” and see what they are actually trying to do, which is help, rather than do what MLMs would like you to do; which is give the MLM your hard earned cash.

I personally have found Quackwatch to be an excellent source of information.

WOW!! Was the MLM Young Living??

I read about them on Quackwatch(some scary stuff), but I took it with a grain of salt because some traditional doctors and the drug business don’t like the natural ones taking business from them. How did you find out about it if it wasn’t on the label? What other stuff did you find out?

Here is a funny story about these nutritional MLMs and others too. If you go to Amazon and read the details of the short story on the front page of the book yourself, it is really funny:

I saw this book “What your doctor hasn’t told you and the health store clerk doesn’t know”(shopping smart for alternative medicine) on (raw food, ect. store in NY). The first story that the author told reminded me of all the many nutritional MLM’s that sell a superfruit drink with all of their glorious glacial mountain or tropic exotic island stories to go along with it. The author told a story about a harvard doctor, who wrote an article for a 70’s Nat.
Geograpic mag. He described the extaordinary healthy, long-lived life spans of these mountain dwellers. Everyone wanted to know the secret to their longevity. Some wondered if it was the mountain soil, enriched with the glacial water. They started selling millions of $$ worth of supplements based on this theory. It turned out that this was not true — the doctor had no evidence and no one else had bothered to check the facts. The truth was, these long-lived villagers weren’t living to 130 or even 110. They weren’t doing anything extra special for their health. They were draft dodgers from when Russia was drafting for World War I. They added some years to their true age and claimed they were too old for the draft. So their false longevity was caused by lying.