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Let me tell you a little story

about that essential oil MLM that everyone trusts so much (I did too once). I started using their products years ago when I was pregnant with my now 9 year old son. I used their “non toxic” shampoo on my babies only to find out “oops” there really ARE all these toxic chemicals in the products and the MLM just “didn’t know”. They weren’t listed on the ingredients label and the MLM claimed the manufacturer was using them without their knowledge. Nice. That was the beginning of the myriad of reasons to not trust that particular MLM.

I can share with you some places to find really good (even organic) essential oils online in much better prices that you’re seeing at that MLM. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post the link so the company name (easily googled) of my favorite place is Mountain Rose Herbs in Oregon. I also buy all my herbs/spices (organic) in bulk from them…you can’t beat the savings, even with shipping (just get some neighbors to join in and split the bulk packages).

I make most of my own cleaners. White vinegar is your friend! Simply put some vinegar and water in a spray bottle and voila…you have your window cleaner (since you’re an EO fan, add some lemon for good measure).
Cheaper than any natural cleaner you could buy. 🙂

I have more tips…will be happy to share but I think this is veering WAY off topic so email me if you want some more of my homemade recipes for cleaning.

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