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As PW has pointed out MANY pro mlmers come into this club asking the very question you asked

They are not seeking information or support only to disrupt us. If you are sincere then I apologize for being rude, if not then I don’t care what you think. If you referenced my follow up post, msg. #35547 on Jan. 8, you will see that while I know nothing about ytb I did find that it is run by a person who “made his millions” in primerica financial services. Please type primerica financial services AND fraud into any search engine and count all the pages of hits.

Now it has been 2 months since you asked us if we have any info regarding ytb. Why don’t you tell us what your experience has been with this company in those 2 months? Have they promised you millions while taking money from you? Have they asked for a list of your friends and acquaintences to get them invovled? Do you have to pay- to-play? Do they tell you how to act, what religion to follow, what your political affiliation should be, what friends and family to associate with?

Our combined stance in this club is that multi-level-marketing is a scam, a bottomless pit a person throws their hard earned money into.
My suggestion is to stay with your antiques dealing or a traditional business.

By the way, it’s pretty rude yourself to come into a club not identifying who you are and tell a member to move on because you don’t like the answer you get to your question. Please notice too that I was the only one to respond to your request. You are in our home not the other way around, please act accordingly.

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