Monthly Archives: October 2016

Did you read the introductory letter that is sent out to everyone who joins this forum?

In that letter, it is strongly suggested that new members read three documents in our Files section:

* The Rules
* Flavour Of The Month
* PW’s Challenge

If you had read “Flavour Of The Month,” you would understand why you got the response you got. Everything that happens here happens for a reason.

People come into this forum frequently who claim to be seeking information, when they are really here to prospect or to defend their MLM business. If a new member does not introduce himself to the forum, then it becomes very difficult to assess a person’s motivations.

And when that new member posts a message (“Has anyone ever heard of…”) without such an introduction, it becomes obvious that he has not read the “Flavour Of The Month,” as per the recommendation.

When one does not follow suggested protocol, what should the rest of the members assume about him?