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Speaking of post-MLM happiness

You’re enrolled in (and paid for) massage school, and you’re getting what you expected to get when you paid the tuition. Seems like the Party Lite student didn’t get what she was hoping to get there.

Ah, the beauty of getting what you paid for and not having other expectations. That’s part of post-MLM bliss.

I have been busy with massage school lately

so if anyone wondered, I’ve just been busy and loving it:) I can set my own hours and work out of my home with massage in the future.

Btw, the first day of massage school, we all introduced ourselves. The one girl sitting next to me told me directly and the rest of the class that she loved “her party lite” biz. Oh brother. I felt so awkward after that, that I called the school administrator about it and she said “Thanks for letting them know”. They have a no tolerance selling policy and the school. They get innundated with mlm’s selling massage oils, essential oils, lotions ect…

I think the school did their job by reinforcing that rule. I stayed annomynous when I spoke to the administrator about it. However a week or two later, that girl is still nervous and shy around me. She barely talks to me any more. I guess she figured it was me, because I was the one she focused on selling to first. No matter. I’m still smiling and happy in class. Everyone can see she doesn’t smile back to me.

Just thought I’d let people know that this happens in school now to, people being sold to. Hey we are students, do we look like we have money,lol.

Thanks for your support