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Now that you all have experianced MLM and

all the down falls what do you do now for extra money? I have tried to make money online via the MLM to no avail, and am looking at other options online as I have NOT been brain washed by the MLM’s. I do however believe there is a way to make extra money online, I just need some direction and or advise.

I spent approx 3 yrs in YTB and my experience was a major disappointment

I went to the conventions, meetings, networked etc. I met some great people, but the leaders in this company were not leading with the integrity they spoke about in their meetings.

For example, the leaders of the Corp/Association Division must have dreaded the numerous phone calls we made about reps totally misrepresenting themselves with Corp/Assoc as our business partners… they tried to steal accounts we had a relationship with and already established. The leaders reply….oh you must be mistaken or you are the only ones experiencing that bcz no one else is complaining. Come to find out numerous times (at one convention) we were NOT the only ones experiencing people stealing accounts or misrepresenting themselves as our business partners. We confronted the leaders then and once again they denied it….this time we called their bluff in a bold face lie.

After 3 yrs in the business, the only people making money are the recruiters! Unless you love to recruit, SAVE YOURSELF THE MONEY get quick cash loans and STAY OUT OF THE BUSINESS!

Yes I do

but like I said they are very few that I have come across so far. Unfortunately, I am unable to mention any in this forum for a couple of reasons. There is no one particular opportunity which fits all. To recommend any particular business I would have to know more about the person inquiring. Among the may things I would need to know are factors such as what their likes and dislikes are and just what kind of a risk they are will to take on. Anybody who is wanting to take on a project for profit must understand at least two things: there is always some kind of work involved and there is always an element of risk.