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My name is Chuck and

I have been monitoring this club for a little while now. I first became acquainted with this group when I made an inquire about a MLM motivational speaker about two weeks ago.
I do research and evaluations on different business opportunities and was, and still am, doing research on this one individual. I have never taken the time, until now, to introduce myself. I am a Residual Income Evaluator. I literally review and evaluate hundreds of internet “business opportunities” a week. I use quotes when I say that because most of these programs are mere opportunities for the creators and not the participates. The creators are, for the most part, the only ones who are making any money. There are some good programs out there but they are very few – very few indeed.

My credentials are 1) I am a CPA, 2) a CBB (Certified Business Broker), and 3) a CFI (Certified Fraud investigator) have worked previously for three major Federal Agencies investigating fraudulent business activities for some 20 years. I am now working in the fertile fields of internet activities.

If I can be of service or help to anyone in this club I will gladly do so. I am located in Augusta, GA. but with the internet, a computer, a FAX number, and a telephone, location is no restriction at all.

Hi all, Is anyone a Metafilter member?

I ask because I stumbled upon a MLM question that I’d love to see answered from someone here but I’m not interested in paying the $5 to join. One response from 2005 says that they’ve done research on Avon, Mary Kay and Pampered Chef and have not found anything negative. ;0

Oh and I found another one that it seems that one poor soul is holding up the anti mlm stance on his own (quite well, I might add). This is a war of words which I don’t feel qualified to engage in. So if any one of you word wizards (you know who you are) want to play, here you go.

Have a good one all